ohlins 36 coil spring fork

Coil forks will rise again; coil vs air shock

I ride with rigid forks mostly, because I’m not a mountain biker -any discipline of it- by any means, but sometimes it becomes tempting. I have a junk coil fork, in a city 1000 km’s away, where our second (or third) house is. I didn’ t bother to take it with me, because it’s really junk. But at some point, I missed a suspension fork and look for second hand ones. Luckily, I found a RockShox SID, a quite old one, probably from 2005 or so. Price was so nice, 20$, which is way cheaper then >2.5kg coil forks with cracked legs. I knew what will happen next: a complete repair cost me over 60$, but still a fair deal, as almost destroyed coil forks are about 100$ second hand. But to be honest, a coil fork would fit me… Continue Reading Coil forks will rise again; coil vs air shock

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