deckas 1x chainring 36t 2

Deckas 1x chainring – 38T 104BCD

I bought this chainring from AliExpress to couple it with my Deore XT 760 crankset few years ago.

Deckas still makes these chainrings, there are lots of varieties, including ones for road cranksets. Look-alikes are available under many brands, and these are very cheap. When I bought this, it was just under $30. Last time I checked, which was a year ago, prices were the same, or slightly lower.

I used this chainring on a 1×9 and 1×10 setup. So there is no reason it won’t work with 11s too, but I believe chain teeth is wide for 12s or 13s chains. (did not measure, but 10s chain fits pretty tight)

My chainring is 38T and for 104 BCD cranks. For me, it was quite OK for flat land even with 11-28T cassette, on 26″ wheels. On grades over 5%, I coupled it with 11-36T, 10 speed cassette, and I was OK with that too, even though I upgraded to 29″ wheels at the time. I’d definitely go for 36T or 34T respectively, though, as it fell short on long and steep climbs.