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Avid (Sram) HSX Centerlock (that is, HSXCL) rotor, new addition to Merida

I’m no huge fan of disc brakes, and the front disc on Merida is annoying me. It’s a Deore series, SM-RT64, 180mm. Advertised as 164 grams, never bothered weighing it myself. There are lots of problems about this particular model, but even with my rear, XTR rotor, too. The obvious one is, its too flexy and bent very easily. I true it quite frequently, and it gets bent after applying brakes for the first name, no matter how soft and gentle I treat it. Problem looks to be the rotor material itself; which almost acts like a spring steel, but obviously not. Second problem, no proper aluminium spider: XT’ s and XTR’s does not bend. At least, that much: and yes, even my XTR rotor at back bends, albeit at a negligible amount. I was looking out for a proper… Continue Reading Avid (Sram) HSX Centerlock (that is, HSXCL) rotor, new addition to Merida

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Why I’m going back to mechanical disc brakes

If I could, I’d completely ditch any disc brakes for rim brakes; but it’s getting harder to find decent rims, hubs, and frames compatible with rim brakes. Such a shame. I wrote a lengthy post why I detest them, but disc brakes are unavoidable FOR NOW. Hydraulic disc brakes seeems far superior to mechanical disc brakes: they -obviously- provide more braking force, cable maintenance and replacement almost unnecessary, and they are lighter. There are some “boutique” brands, such as TRP, makes decent mechanical brakes, but they’re not anywhere in cheap territory. There are millions of things wrong about disc brakes, so why move to a already inferior technology, when there seems to be an inferior technology that sucks less on paper? Well, I have my reasons: Hydraulic disc brake pistons is a joke My wife has an old Bianchi with… Continue Reading Why I’m going back to mechanical disc brakes

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