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Aluminium bike restoration: worth restoring?

When you look around for restored bikes on the ‘net, you may be surprised to see that almost all of them are steel – yes, steel bikes look better, and aluminium bikes are relatively new. But is it just that ? Why people are shying from aluminium bikes, or at least, restoring them? Aluminium bikes are mass produced since 1970s, though not as much, but there are still wonderful examples worth salvaging, like Yeti Ultimate, Nishiki Alien, even Gary Fishers that are relatively new. Unfortunately, aluminium bikes are harder to restore compared to steel, even carbon fiber (if not shattered completely). This sounds absurd, given how cheap aluminium bikes can be, and produced almost anywhere in the world. Aluminium bikes are not always repairable, or can be a huge challenge. So, let me sum up why aluminium bikes are so… Continue Reading Aluminium bike restoration: worth restoring?

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How many bikes you need?

At some point, when you’ re into bikes, you may feel that one bike is not enough… I’d never buy a fatbike to ride as a “primary” bike, but it certainly has its charm and use. Maybe you’ re living in a city and hybrid bike is perfect for you, but for some time, you may want to ride fast on asphalt with a slick road bike, or want to jump around with an MTB. I’d probably have like 10 bikes at a time, if money and storage permits. This is sick, considering there are 3 types of bikes and their variants. This is my classification of course: #1 is road bikes, these are like hypercars: you need good, slick roads and preferably superb weather to enjoy them. Speed and adrenaline is the thing, and they just don’t go fast,… Continue Reading How many bikes you need?

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